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House Moves Quickly to Finish Tax Vote, a ‘Historic Victory for the American People,’ Trump Says

The Senate revisions that the House will vote on are minor, so there is no suspense about the outcome when the House holds its final vote. Powered by Fake News

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Live Briefing: Congress Approves Republican Tax Plan Setting Up Delivery to Trump’s Desk

The House approved the tax plan Tuesday afternoon. The Senate voted early Wednesday. However, last-minute changes will force the House to vote on the bill again. Powered by Fake News

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G.O.P. Nears Triumph on Taxes as House Passes Bill

After the House approved the tax rewrite, the first significant legislative achievement of the Trump presidency was within reach for Republicans. Powered by Fake News

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Live Briefing: Republican Tax Bill Heads to a Vote

The House plans to vote Tuesday afternoon. The Senate could vote soon after, handing Republicans a major first legislative victory. Powered by Fake News

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Corker Says He Faced ‘Tough’ Decision in Supporting Republican Tax Bill

The bill’s expected passage along party lines had Democrats scrambling to pressure a late supporter, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, to vote against the bill. Powered by Fake News

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