Canadian man hospitalized in Germany can return home after bed found in Toronto hospital

A Richmond Hill man hospitalized in Germany since Dec. 1 can return home after a Toronto hospital finally guaranteed him a bed.

Ali Davari, 84, has been in an intensive care unit at a university hospital in Frankfurt after falling down at a train station. He later experienced bleeding in his head, required two surgeries and at one time, lay in a medically-induced coma.

“We tried for seven days to secure a hospital bed, any bed in Toronto or surrounding cities,” said his son, Kevin.

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Canadian stuck in German hospital because there’s no guarantee of hospital bed in Toronto

Davari’s medical predicament was documented by Global News beginning in mid-December, when his Canadian medical insurance provider cancelled his policy after his fall.

RBC Insurance cited inaccuracies in the medical questionnaire filled out prior to approving the policy.

As a result, Davari’s family was left to pay a growing hospital bill in Germany, estimated at about $100,000. A medical evacuation flight, required for Davari’s return to Canada, also costs about $100,000.

Insurance provider cancels policy, leaves Toronto man stranded in German hospital

But no medical evacuation could take place until an Ontario hospital would give an assurance they had a bed waiting to accept Davari. That is standard procedure in these types of cases.

Global News approached three hospitals: North York General, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and St. Michael’s Hospital asking each institution if it would guarantee a spot for the elderly Canadian.

Each hospital referred at length in emails to policies for admission for medical transfers. But none initially offered to assist.

“The answer was no and then all of a sudden yesterday we got the call that [a bed] is ready in one of the hospitals,” said Kevin.

Global News was told by the press secretary to Ontario’s health minister that North York General Hospital agreed to accept Davari on Saturday, after the medical evacuation flight arrives in Toronto.

Laura Gallant said Dr. Eric Hoskins “was aware and moved by this story, and that he had sympathy for the struggles experienced by the family.”

After the latest report was broadcast, Global News was contacted by a northern Ontario hospital volunteering one of its ICU beds, but by that time the commitment from North York General had already been secured.

Davari’s son said he is grateful their father can come home.

“I want to thank everybody: you, and Global News, for everything you did for us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

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