Roy Halladay had morphine, amphetamines in system at time of plane crash: reports

Former Toronto Blue Jays star pitcher Roy Halladay had morphine and amphetamines in his system at the time of his fatal plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico in November, according to an autopsy report obtained by TMZ and the Tampa Bay Times.

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Additionally, Halladay also had the sedative zolpidem — commonly sold under the brand name Ambien — in his body at the time of the crash, TMZ reports, citing a report released by the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office.

The report also reveals that Halladay suffered a subdural hemorrhage, multiple rib fractures, a leg fracture and injuries to his lungs, liver and spleen.

His blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash was 0.01, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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Halladay, 40, died after crashing his sports plane into the water in the Gulf of Mexico just 17 minutes after he had taken off from a lake near his Tampa-area home.

Federal investigators revealed that his plane made several steep turns before crashing into the water. The plane was equipped with a parachute but it wasn’t deployed, and Halladay’s body was found with the plane.

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Halladay put in around 700 hours of flight time after getting his flying license in 2013.

An eight-time All-Star, Halladay pitched a perfect game and a playoff no-hitter in 2010. He played for the Blue Jays from 1998 to 2009 and for the Philadelphia Phillies from 2009-13, going 203-105 with a 3.38

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