Ontario peewee hockey team pays it forward with good deeds

When it comes to good deeds, the North Halton Twisters all-girls hockey team is certainly getting the recognition they deserve both on and off the ice.

“It’s important because our whole community could be suffering and we need to help them out and we can do simple things that could put a smile on their face or just change their day,” Izzy English, who is with the team, said.

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This season the peewee team decided to volunteer their time and give back to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton. A good deed inspired by their coach and his daughter who was born prematurely and rushed to hospital.

“I went there still in my work clothes and had absolutely nothing so knowing that parents would be in a similar situation and really need something when they went there,” Rob Atkinson, the team’s head coach, said.

“We made these bags for them. There was like soap, books, and very fun stuff that they can do to get their mind off of being sick,” English said.

In total, 50 gift bags were prepared with all the essentials every parent needs in case of emergency.

Now in its second year, the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup is in search for the top peewee team in Canada that demonstrates acts of kindness throughout their community. Last month, hundreds of coaches across the country submitted their teams good deeds by video entry and on Jan. 15, 10 semi-finalists were announced — including the Twisters.

“We screamed when we found out we were in the finals,” English said.

“There’s no way to express how proud I am as a coach,” Atkinson said.

In partnership with Hockey Canada, the Good Deeds Cup encourages good sportsmanship both on and off the ice.

Voting started at the beginning of this week for the winner and it ends on Sunday. Click here to learn more about the voting process.

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