Vehicle lodged in Toronto’s Queens Quay streetcar tunnel, again

Another vehicle has found its way into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel.

The TTC tweeted around 4:30 a.m. Sunday that the 510 Spadina streetcar was being forced to turn back northbound at Spadina and Queens Quay due to a stalled vehicle inside the tunnel. The 509 streetcar was also turning back westbound at Spadina and Queens Quay.

It took over six hours to safely remove the vehicle from the ferry terminal.

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Police said the vehicle is believed to be a rental. The license plates were removed and it appears as though there was an attempt to wipe down the vehicle.

It is unclear why the vehicle drove into the tunnel in the first place.

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This isn’t the first time a vehicle has become lodged in the tunnel.

Last February, an SUV took a wrong turn and found its way in just before morning rush hour.

Transit officials at the time said the man was using his vehicle’s GPS when he mistakenly took a wrong turn. He was fined $425 for illegal entry.

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