Murder suspect Ager Hasan extradited back to Canada from Texas prison: Waterloo police

An Ontario man accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend in Kitchener, Ont., posting about it on Reddit and evading capture by fleeing to the United States before being arrested two months later in Texas, has been brought back to Waterloo.

Waterlool Regional Police said in a press release Saturday that 24-year-old Ager Hasan was returned Friday from a Texas prison after being held in custody since July.

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Hasan is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend in her Kitchener apartment and fleeing to the U.S. He was stopped on July 11, by United States Secret Service officials in San Antonio, Texas, as part of an unrelated and ongoing counterfeit currency investigation.

Police said Hasan was arrested while driving a black 2016 Honda HR-V with an Arkansas licence plate.

Hasan, of Hamilton, Ont., was wanted at the time on a Canada-wide warrant for the murder of 22-year-old Melinda Vasilije, on April 28.

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Throughout the entire case, police said they were in contact with Hasan via email and were also investigating messages posted on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.

Two days before the arrest, a person claiming to be a suspect wanted for the murder of Vasilije posted a message on Instagram hinting he may turn himself in.

Days after Vasilije’s death, a post on the website Reddit emerged that appeared to describe her killing in vivid detail and was purported to be written by Hasan.

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Police had also been looking into three other messages posted on the Instagram account in June. Police have never confirmed whether the social media accounts were linked to Hasan.

Hasan is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Kitchener on Monday. He is charged with one count of second-degree murder and three counts of breach recognizance.

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