Businesses should consider raising prices to offset wage hike: Ontario labour minister

TORONTO – Ontario’s minister of labour suggests businesses struggling with legislation that hikes minimum wages should consider price increases.

Kevin Flynn says that businesses have many options open to them and raising prices could be part of a strategy to ensure they turn a profit as well as pay a living wage.

Ontario government investigating businesses allegedly breaking new labour laws

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His comments come days after Premier Kathleen Wynne slammed some Tim Hortons franchisees for cutting paid breaks to cope with the recent minimum wage hike.

Some companies have already boosted prices in order to offset the impact of the increase that boosted minimum wage to $14 and came into effect on Jan. 1.

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Pizza Nova CEO Domenic Primucci says the pizza chain will follow suit at all of its franchise locations, but wouldn’t say when and by how much.

That approach is in stark contrast to Tim Hortons’ parent company’s policy, which forbids franchisees from raising prices.

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