Made in Canada moments: We heckled the PM, marveled at a homemade ice ship and disputed pay in Tim Hortons

The PM’s hecklers, some creative ways with snow and a minimum wage increase dispute that’s brewing in Ontario Tim Hortons: here are the stories that had Canadians chatting this week on Global’s social channels.

PMJT handling of ‘haters’ impresses audiences online 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a series of town halls in Canada this week, and impressed crowds on a number of occasions in the way that he handled the hecklers and the haters who decided to interrupt him.

In the video above, which hit more than half a million views, during a town hall in Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday, while fielding questions the PM was interrupted by a shouting protester demanding to know why the government paid millions of dollars to Omar Khadr.

His answer brought down the house. The other click-worthy videos on Global News’ page? Yes, also Q&As from the prime minister’s town halls. To be specific, one of a woman asking the PM how it feels to be the only prime minister to commit a crime and a man questioning Trudeau’s national security capabilities when, in the man’s opinion, he couldn’t manage proper security at that very event. Both of those vids netted nearly half a million views (and garnered comments from the haters and supporters alike).

Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech calls for a ‘new day’

Who else’s public speech inspired Global News audiences this week (and ignited a call for the media mogul to run for president)?

Oprah’s Golden Globe speech in which she called for a ‘new day’ outperformed most stories this week, with online commenters (mostly) praising her passion.

And in other news: winter

Winter never left Canada this week; the West Coast saw winter storm warnings in effect, while traffic in Regina was a mess with rough roads caused by winter conditions. These are the crafty stories that Global News audiences actually ‘liked’ this week.

Garnering hundreds of likes, retweets and comments on Twitter were these two made-in-Canada moments: A front-yard hockey rink handmade in Montreal, and a dad-of-the-year who spent his spare time building his kids an ice ship. How was your week?

Minimum-wage increase protests boil at Tim Hortons 

And in the most Canadian way, ever, a minimum-wage dispute is playing out at our iconic coffee shop in Ontario. The elimination of paid breaks and benefits at Tim Hortons franchises in Cobourg and Kingston ignited protests at locations across the province, and the debate didn’t end there. Global News social feeds were buzzing with debate over corporate greed versus employee entitlement.

One of this media outlet’s top performing posts of the week: A Tim Hortons boycott, dubbed “No Timmies Tuesday.” The subsequent story earned more than 40,000 engagements, 700 of those from commenters weighing in on whether or not the employee clawbacks will affect their coffee buying choices.

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