Toronto man fields dozens of calls for total stranger after Apple Watch glitch

Haesun Moon has been a business coach with the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching for 15 years and all her potential business comes through her cellphone, so switching to a new device was concerning.

“I got my self this lovely watch, the Apple Watch with cellular functions and everything,” said Moon.

The watch worked fine, but the cellular connection through Telus did not.

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All of Moon’s calls were being sent to Mahesh V. Narayanan, a complete stranger and a financial planner in Toronto. The financial planner could have hung up, but instead he started fielding calls for someone he never met.

“She’s a really popular person, so she was getting 10 to 15 calls a day,” Narayanan told Global News.

The toughest call to take was from Moon’s mother, who was at first concerned and then hopeful.

“No, it’s not my boyfriend or a hidden secret husband so mother please don’t you worry,” recalled Moon, saying she and Narayanan have never met.

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“I’m married and I’m happy” said Narayanan while laughing.

The cellphone glitch has been fixed, but not before Narayanan managed to secure thousands of dollars in potential business for Moon.

“I would love to take him out for a coffee or tea for sure,” said Moon.

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