Trump’s First State of the Union Address: A Call for Unity That Wasn’t Always Heard That Way

The first boos of the State of the Union address came as President Trump mentioned “chain migration.” Follow our live chat:

Here’s the full q and a with POTUS about what he learned this last year:

Additionally, Congressman Gosar asked that they arrest those using fraudulent social security numbers and identification to pass through security.

“Of all the places where the Rule of Law needs to be enforced, it should be in the hallowed halls of Congress. Any illegal aliens attempting to go through security, under any pretext of invitation or otherwise, should be arrested and deported,” said Congressman Gosar.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

Trump campaign’s livestream of State of the Union speech will display campaign donors’ names on screen.

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