Has dating changed in the #MeToo era?

With the #MeToo movement here to stay, how is it changing the dating game?

“Masculinity is getting blurred and women are still looking for a guy to take the lead,” said relationship expert Laura Bilotta.

“I don’t think that flirting will ever stop … but I think that men will be more cautious.”

I sat down with four single men, all at different stages in life. Although they met before today, they all share on thing in common — dating in a post-Weinstein era.

Here’s part of that conversation:

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“There’s certainly a much wider conversation going on — not only when you’re on a date, but also between male friends,” said 26-year-old copywriter Dominic Smith.

“Relationships are like business now … I mean you have to have rules, you have to have rules that make the relationship work,” said 50-year-old actor Philip Moran.

“Maybe it could be perceived in the wrong way, but I feel like you just got to come off genuinely friendly,” said 23-year-old student, poet and motivational speaker Wali Shah.

“I’m very open and up front … As an adult, as a person, you should be able to kind of read verbal signs, physical signs – if somebody is interested or not,” said 42-year-old real estate broker Alex Moloney.

Meanwhile, there’s a new app that’s trying to take away any confusion. It lets you consent to having sex. It’s called LegalFling and it seeks to make the dos and don’ts of a relationship clearer.

“I don’t think written consent is going to fly,” said Bilotta.

In 1953, an American writer wrote, “A good man is hard to find.” Some good men say they are having a difficult time navigating the waters of a relationship, so where do we go from here?

“Women are still looking for a gentleman — someone to pay for the date, some to lead that date,” said Bilotta.

“I think with the #MeToo movement, men are going to take a step back.”

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