Toronto city council approves 2018 budget, 2.1% property tax hike

Toronto city councillors voted on Monday to approve the 2018 budget which includes a 2.1 per cent residential property tax hike.

The $11.1 billion operating budget includes an additional 1,515 in childcare subsidies, 700 winter respite shelter beds and relief for overcrowding on TTC bus routes.

The 2.1 per cent residential property tax hike is actually 2.9 per cent when the city building fund is factored in, which is intended to support infrastructure projects such as transit and housing.

Homeowners are expected, on average, to pay an extra $81 dollars a year.

The 2018 operating budget maintains all current programs and services and provides an additional $2 million for arts and cultures spending, $4.6 million to begin the Transit Fare Equity Program and $1.3 million to implement the city’s new traffic enforcement officers.

Recreational programs will also get a boost of $800,000 to create 10,000 new spaces.

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