Toronto lawyer offers unique Valentine’s Day divorce promotion

A Toronto lawyer is offering an atypical promotion this Valentine’s Day.

Max Rubin, principal lawyer at Beck-Rubin Law, is offering customers 50 per cent off for contested divorces in honour of the day of love.

“I decided that it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s never a greater opportunity to start a fresh love, so my law firm is offering fifty per cent off uncontested divorces. Usually we charge 1500 plus HST. This year we’re going to cut it in half,” Rubin told Global News Wednesday.

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Rubin said he’s never actually had anyone get divorced on Valentine’s Day, but has had them come in on wedding anniversaries, or even birthdays.

“It’s like you know the best present you can get is you get that divorce finalised!”

According to Rubin, January is the most popular month for couples to get divorced.

“[The] whole family is together that one time of year so you can kind of tell everyone at once that the families changing a bit in the New Year,” he said.

“So people will come and see me around January. That’s our busiest period.”

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At the time of publication, Rubin hadn’t had any takers but said he’ll honour the promotion up until 11:59 p.m.

“As long as you shoot me an e-mail today, I think we can honour that promo code.”

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